What can and cannot be done with the varicose veins on the legs: do's and don'ts

For example, in the morning, going to work, you are thinking – about wearing fashionable shoes with heels? The question arises, because by the end of the day, there is a distinct desire to remove uncomfortable shoes.

Worse if varicose veins strong. The question of the selection of shoes is not worth it. It is a long standing on his feet, walking feet start to hurt not only the evening but also during the day. And the appearance of the legs indicates the presence of problems of the vascular pattern is reinforced, the skin appears pigmentation, previously invisible veins turn into ugly knots. In this case, long-term storage are sent not only fashionable shoes, but mini – skirts, favorite shorts, stylish dresses. Now the question you ask yourself – what to do? Tell.

What to do at the first sign of varicose veins of the legs

The right way is to go to the doctor for examination. Unfortunately, the first signs of varicose veins is typically not a reason for Dating with flebologia, and very vain. Every patient saved yourself, using the recipes of traditional medicine, long keeps your feet in the cool water or just lying on the couch, resting. The behavioral model is incorrect.

Beginning of varicose veins well treated with compression therapy. Properly fitted compression stockings or socks will help you to quickly forget about the problems. Here are just a selection of lingerie and the level of compression depends on the results of the diagnosis, which can be done only by doctors – flebologia.

Quid ad primum signum varices in cruribus
Important! Don't confuse compression with tights! This is not the same thing.

If you want to stop beginning varicose veins forever, you need:

  • To adjust the mode. Physical activity should be sufficient.
  • To change eating habits. You should remove from the diet all foods that trigger vascular disorders, coffee, alcohol, spicy food.
  • Don't wear uncomfortable shoes. Optimally – low heels (4 – 5cm) in the model of genuine leather.
  • To visit a doctor. For diagnosis, selection of compression underwear.

To relieve leg pain help:

Principio varices
  • Evening and morning cool baths for feet. You can combine them with a shower, you can massage the legs and feet. Moreover, the water jet should be directed from the bottom up (so moving the blood through the veins of the lower extremities).
  • For a night stay a little modify your bed: sleep so that the foot end of the bed was raised. For this purpose, can be put under the foot end of the mattress for an extra blanket. Because to sleep with his feet roller, as recommended by many sources, is simply inconvenient.

Feet swollen and itching

Itchy skin lower legs – a frequent companion of varicose veins. But if it is accompanied by pain and swelling – to become very sad.

  1. And swelling, and itchy skin can help relieve cool baths, which we wrote above.
  2. In any case do not scrub your itchy skin – you can injure the diseased vessel, to cause infection.
  3. Cream varicose veins are able to slightly ease your condition.
  4. Compression gives the best result in swelling and obsessive itching of the skin.

If leg numbness

Si sunt crura torpet

Connect to all of the above described manipulation manual massage. And do it every night, in the direction from the toes to the thigh.

For massage you can use folk remedies. Traditional medicine is actively recommends rubbing Apple cider vinegar, olive oil, etc. means.

However, we want to warn you. Leg numbness is a symptom of a serious. Reflects not only the presence of venous insufficiency. Numbness can be a symptom of thrombosis, endarteritis, and other dangerous pathologies. So act sensibly – follow all recommendations of the doctor, which you must visit. Modern phlebology aid is not only surgery. Compression therapy, hydrotherapy, sclerotherapy and other methods will successfully help you to not only get rid of numbness of the limbs, but from varicose veins.

If a vein burst

Severe pain or burning, and later, extensive subcutaneous hematoma – signs of burst varicose vein.

All that you can do yourself is to apply cold to the painful area. And as quickly as possible to be on the doctor.

As varicose veins – a problem more for women than men, raises the topical issue of self-care and maintaining the beauty of your legs. Ladies who used to visit beauty salons with the purpose of hair removal must be very selective in the choice of procedures. The fact that prolonged exposure to high temperatures and the traumatic impact of varicose veins is contraindicated. Weak blood vessels can be easily damaged, and sick, fragile varices can burst.

Contra imbres et hydromassage

So, hair removal services: waxing, Sugaring and more

Prohibited methods of hair removal with varicose veins is:

  • Waxing
  • Sugaring
  • Enzyme hair removal
  • Quantum hair removal
  • Hair removal using tweezers

You can use:

  • Laser hair removal
  • Chemical method (special creams)
  • The old fashioned method of shaving
  • Electro epilation (in the initial stages of varicose veins)


Some particularly savvy fashionista see a way out for applying the tattoo to the area of the extended ugly vessels. And bad professional tattoo parlor if he didn't send this lady to the doctor. But many will send earnings will lose!

Important! Tattoo varicose veins is strictly contraindicated! Go to flebologia – with sclerotherapy protruding wreaths will completely disappear.


In the pursuit of beauty is good not all funds if you have varicose veins. Beauty wraps you can do, but choose one only cold variations:

  • Mud wrap
  • The seaweed wrap
  • Herbal wrap
  • Chocolate wrap

The duration of treatment should not exceed 15 minutes. After the procedure, you need a douche with low temperature differences. Better if the cosmetic wraps you will spend in medical centers. Not all cosmetologists – they have a medical degree.

Contrast showers and hydromassage

squats, et extendens

Water treatments for varicose veins shown. Phlebology centres rely heavily on them. The therapeutic effect of massage and contrast showers is achieved with sufficiently long use – required for a course 10 or even 15 procedures.

If you do not want or are not able to visit the treatment facility often, you can buy home hydro massager and use it at home.

Contrast shower – a wonderful curative and preventive remedy for varicose veins of the legs. Only start the action with small fluctuations of water temperature, gradually increasing the difference.


Hot and warm compresses for varicose veins do not. Option – cold compresses, lotions. The easiest option cold compress – burdock leaf or cabbage, which you attach to the tibia. The pain will gradually go away, venous pattern smoothed out, the swelling goes down.

For athletes – squats and stretching

Much has been said about the motor activity in varicose veins. It should be not only sufficient, but also well-planned. Let us dwell on the usual charge.

It takes a little time, but be careful doing leg exercises. Too active and load actions are excluded.


  • To perform jumps up
  • To accompany the exercise of the power load. You should not use dumbbells during squats, dips, etc. Your gymnastics is therapeutic.
  • Too fast and deep squat. This exercise is able to increase the load on the legs. Squats are average, at a slow pace.

Add to the gym exercises for the feet. For example, elements of folk dances, including the stomp in place, moving from heel to toe. By the way, these exercises are easy to do and during the working day. Never sit on a chair cross-legged.

To finish the exercises you should stretch. Excellent method of training the muscles and blood vessels that helps relax. If there are varicose veins on side splits to sit should not be – an easy enough stretch for all muscle groups.

In conclusion

We remind you again that any disease, including varicose veins, should be treated by doctor. In this case, it will require only a compliance with the recommendations. Lifestyle, diet, habits – pick something that will help you become healthy!