Varicose veins on foot treatment of folk remedies and recipes

Traditional medicine for tens of generations was the main method of treatment of diseases. Today, there are lots of alternative options but, nonetheless, the recipes of the healers continue to be popular and respected among patients. In principle, it is not strange, because the techniques of alternative treatment in contrast to the synthetic drugs purchased at a pharmacy, not have side effects and consequences from long-term use. They are not addictive and that, most importantly, available to everyone. Nature took care of the people so that everything you need for a life we can take directly from her gifts, why should it be ignored.

Today there is a huge amount of drugs to resolve the problem, but if you are not able to visit a doctor or you simply don't trust synthetic drugs, you can try to heal themselves with folk remedies.

Tools for internal use

Useful minerals and vitamins the person receives with food, therefore need to pay attention to the tools for internal use that are faster into the blood. Varicose veins of the lower extremities is possible to cook different kinds of tinctures and decoctions of medicinal herbs. They improve hematopoiesis, relieve additional symptoms such as pain and swelling, reduce the manifestation of blue veins through the skin. Among the most effective folk recipes:

  1. Nutmeg consists of essential oils that improves the composition of blood and to eliminate stagnation in the legs. You need to grind whole nuts on a grater or in a coffee grinder and pour 1 tbsp the resulting powder glass of boiling water. Tool cover with a lid and leave until cool. You can add a spoonful of fresh honey to improve the taste qualities of the beverage. Drink is the people's tool in one gulp on an empty stomach 1 time a day. It is important each time to prepare a fresh drink, as after a couple of hours it loses its beneficial properties of the essential oil to breathe.
  2. A decoction of rose hips – an excellent way to cleanse the blood vessels and strengthen their walls. Drinking tea on the basis of rose hips is very useful, because it not only improves the cardiovascular system, but also has a positive effect on the immune forces of a human. Caution is required to use the broth to people suffering from high blood pressure, as this plant is able to raise him up even more.
  3. Garlic milk can be strange folk method of treatment of varicose veins, but, nevertheless, the result is noticeable after only a week. Head of garlic crushed until the porridge shaped state, added 2 tbsp. of honey and 0.5 liters of milk. The tool is heated to boiling, cool and filter. 50 g drink the resulting liquid 5 times a day.
  4. To remove varicose veins on the legs and intestines will help ginger. You can also use it for brewing tea, and for compresses on the affected area. A small piece of root cut off and soaked in boiling water for 15 minutes. Next, add honey and drink 2 times a day. This drink is effective at any stage of varicose veins. It is suitable for the prevention of colds and will be a good helper for people suffering from obesity – normalizes metabolism.
  5. Pupillam cisere aceto
  6. Kalina is also quite effective ingredient recipes, especially when it comes to vessels. The fruit juice is mixed with honey and take 2 tablespoons before each meal. Kalina improves the qualitative indicators of blood and normalizes blood circulation. The only drawback of this tool is its pungent smell. Kalina has a distinctive flavor that makes some people gag reflex. If you overpower yourself, you will surely get benefits from this medicinal plant.
  7. One of the main causes of varicose veins is obesity, this is why patients are required to use the tools, normalize metabolism. Did well in this question fish oil. 1 tbsp. l. it is taken orally twice a day before meals.

It is important before use of this or other folk remedies to remember if you have a personal intolerance to a medicinal plant or product that enters into its composition. Otherwise, you can get an allergic reaction and aggravation of the disease. You should not get involved decoctions and infusions, if they have failed for the past 2 weeks, or you have additional symptoms, you need to seek professional medical help.

Alcohol tinctures

On legs folk remedies to treat blue veins by using tinctures, the main component of which is vodka or alcohol. Better than the others showed themselves on the basis of tincture of comfrey and acacia. The ingredients in powdered form pour 0.5 liters of alcohol and allowed to stand at least a week. The resulting tool was dropped on a teaspoon of sugar 30 drops drink before meals 2 times a day. The duration of treatment is one week. Then take a break for 3 days and repeat the course.

Propolis is one of the most famous bee products, which used in folk medicine for varicose veins. Its beneficial properties are amazing, in fact in includes almost the entire periodic table and known to mankind vitamins. Have proven the effectiveness of propolis in treatment of blue veins in the legs. To prepare the tincture you'll need 20 g of product and 0.5 liter of alcohol. Drug insist 2 weeks in a dark place. Drink 50 grams twice a day for 7 days.

Another bee product that is used to treat varicose veins, acts as a drone milk. It is less well known than its counterpart – the Royal jelly, but shows high effectiveness in the fight against circulatory disorders and vascular spasm. Prepare medication from a drone Royal jelly as well as propolis.

Tincturam ex acacia flores

Feature alcohol tinctures is that they can not only eat, but use for wiping, by acting on the problem both externally and from within. A good result can be obtained by pouring leaves hazel with alcohol. The raw materials wipe inflamed veins 2 times a day, before meals drink 20 drops of alcohol tincture, washing it down with water.

The lilac flowers have a heady aroma, but and is characterized by a unique composition. They poured vodka and kept for 2 weeks, then this folk remedy strain and RUB his feet 3 times a day. Very good this method of treatment on the vessels in combination with ointment of lard. You have to melt the fat and add back some of lilac flowers.

No matter what medical purposes nor used alcohol tincture, alcohol continues to be alcohol. In high doses and with prolonged use it can cause confusion, hallucinations, drowsiness, disturbances of coordination of movements. If you use alcohol tinctures, refrain from driving and performing work requiring the utmost of care.

If you have a chronic illness and you are forced to use medicine, you should not in parallel to drink alcohol tincture. There are a number of cases in which alcohol reacts with components of the honey mixture and this causes serious complications. Best before treatment, popular methods to consult with your doctor.

Ointment on vegetable oil based

If you have varicose veins on the leg, treatment of folk remedies can be carried out with the help of ointments and lotions local action. Very well medicines based on vegetable oil. For their manufacture you can use one of the following plants:

  • wormwood;
  • chamomile;
  • the celandine;
  • Kalanchoe;
  • horse chestnut;
  • the willow bark.
Grass or bark are crushed and pour vegetable oil. Next is a folk remedy bring to the boil and allow to cool. The resulting mixture is applied in a thick layer to the affected veins in the legs, especially before bedtime. To remedy did not flow from top to can not apply a pressure bandage.

Coniferous, salt baths and girudo therapy

A positive effect on the veins have pine and salt baths for the feet. Once a week is very good to take them with a decoction of pine or spruce. It improves tissue trophism and normalizes the small blood vessels. Such procedures have a positive roll in the state of veins and immune strength of the person. Stay in the bath requires at least 20 minutes, otherwise no good. After it is possible to apply one of the above external funds.

As an alternative to the traditional and folk treatment, can be offered treatment with leeches – girudo therapy. In the saliva of these little "healers" there is a special substance that thins the blood and prevents blood clots. Girudo therapy has long proven itself as an excellent method for the treatment of vascular pathologies, but, unfortunately, few on it is solved.

Refer to phlebologist

How to treat veins in the legs provoked by varices, you details will tell the doctor phlebologist. Watch your diet, spend more time outdoors, and limit physical activity. So you can avoid the blue,swollen veins in the legs, which bring physical and mental discomfort.

varices in extremitates inferiores
Do not expect that all of the symptoms and pathology that developed in your body over the years, will leave after a couple of packs and a liter of broth from grass. Folk therapy is not a panacea, but only one of the possible treatment options that will help you, if you apply some effort.

The best effect can be obtained if we combine traditional recipes, traditional preparations and dietetic food. Together, these therapies reinforce each other and help to quickly cure the pathology. Some of these treatments you choose, remember that, consciously ignoring the symptoms, you provoke the development of chronic forms of the disease, which is incurable.