Stockings from varicose veins in the legs

When a person is faced with serious manifestations of varicose veins, it is required to know information about medical stocking, but if starting therapy or decided on surgery, hears about them from a physician.


Compression underwear when wearing compresses the foot and thereby reduces the diameter of the veins – venous valves close, the flow rate of blood growing clots and clots do not have time to form, as there is no stagnation of blood. Capillaries under external pressure better absorb the inter-cellular fluid, so swelling in the legs subsided. In the end, the veins work better.

Orthopedic stockings from varicose veins in the legs physiologically – they help to create uneven pressure on the foot: stronger bottom, the top more carefully.

What are

The industry offers a wide range of compression hosiery: stockings, socks, tights. The models are: the elastic band of silicone on the belt, open or closed toe, open or closed heel.

Cogo tibialia varices

Sometimes special compression underwear for pregnant women without tightening the nylon rubber bands at the top. Pregnancy provokes and exacerbates varicose veins – if you had bothered feet, wearing medical stocking at this time necessary.

Knits for men are often produced of black color, it is similar to the high socks.

Medical stockings vary in composition – rubber or cotton. Any anti varicose stockings contain a lot of spandex. They use a special technology different from the usual tights.

Please note!Compression hosiery is sold in pharmacies and the main figure is not the number of DEN and the compression class.

Degree of compression is four:

  1. Preventive, light compression. Is assigned during pregnancy, in the initial stages of treatment and prevention of varicose veins, feeling of heaviness and pain legs at the end of the day, to relieve swelling;
  2. The average compression ratio. Apply anti varicose stockings for surgery sclerotherapy, recovery after vein removal, sometimes prophylactically with burdened heredity;
  3. Strong grip. Prescribed for the symptoms of impaired nutrition of tissues, thrombosis of veins after thrombosis, abnormalities in the lymphatic drainage;
  4. Hospital grade, very strong compression. Rarely used after surgery, with elephantiasis, with severe disruption of blood vessels.

To determine how to choose compression stockings for varicose veins in each case the doctor.

Varietate cogo hosiery

How to choose the size

After determining the compression class you should find your size. Wrong size compression products will bring discomfort and frustration – the little stockings squeezing the legs to pain, large does not bring results.

Home measured:

  • Calf circumference at the narrowest part (ankle);
  • Calf circumference at the widest part (below the knee);
  • Length from the heel to the knee (for Golf);
  • The hip girth at 25 cm above the knee (high 30 cm);
  • The entire length of the legs;
  • Circumference of hips and waist (for tights).

Measurements are performed in the morning, before beginning active operations.

Each manufacturer has their own size chart. The figures need to compare and choose what fits.

Even in theory, correctly chosen lingerie may be uncomfortable. Experienced patients are advised to first buy cheap brand, to vilify and to listen to your feelings. You can buy the expensive models.

Which is better and how to choose

Attention!The principle of choice of therapeutic underwear: it should be 10 cm above the manifestations of varicose veins.

If you bought to pull the knee and a severed vein was higher to wear them anyway, so as a partial therapeutic effect is. The next time you purchase, you will consider all recommendations.

Knit all manufacturers effective and has a curative effect. Differences in the durability, appearance and price.

The price of stockings from varicose veins is not small, but this is the case when it is better not to save.

How to put on and wear

Wear anti-varicose stockings should be in the morning. At first it will be difficult, especially without experience. There is a special device for ease of donning, called Butler.

Stages in the donning of medical stocking:

  1. Remove all jewelry from hands;
  2. Gather the stocking in the hand of an accordion from the top to the toe;
  3. The hand grabs the toe of the stocking;
  4. The upper 1/3 part of the stocking, turn inside out;
  5. Insert the foot into the sock and pull the stocking on the leg;
  6. Smooth out the creases and seams, the elastic on the top should not collapse.
  7. Compression stockings should be worn every day, and at night to remove (if you forgot to take off the stockings at night, it's not scary). In the summer, despite the inconvenience, be sure to use a heat provokes swelling. To determine how to properly wear medical linen, will help phlebologist. If it causes discomfort – tell your doctor – he will tell you what setting you need to change.

    Useful tips:

    • wear socks for dry feet;
    • on swelling of the feet stockings to wear can and should be;
    • socks on top of stockings will allow them to last longer.

    Care medical linen

    Washable anti varicose stockings need every day, so it makes sense to buy two or three pairs.

    How to care for compression stockings:

    • Hand wash in warm water gentle means without twisting;
    • Silicone rubber is undesirable to wash, it is better to wipe the alcohol-containing liquid;
    • To dry the battery and under the sun;
    • Nails should be cut very short;
    • Try to squat in a stocking, so as not to pull them to the knees;
    • If there is minor damage not affecting the compression, the product can be worn;
    • Elastic stockings for varicose veins every six months should change to a new one (and some models even more), as they are deformed, the healing effect is lost.
    Accipiens mensuris opificium cogo hosiery

    Indications and contraindications

    A condition in which the use of compression underwear provides a therapeutic effect:

    • Varicose veins of the lower extremities;
    • Chronic venous insufficiency;
    • Preoperative and rehabilitation period during surgery;
    • Prevention of varicose veins.

    Anti varicose stockings for operation simply irreplaceable.

    Medical linen is not prescribed for skin diseases, skin lesions, diabetes, cardiovascular failure, and atherosclerosis.

    To prevent varicose veins

    To prevent varicose veins, the best fit elastic stockings first degree of compression. They are used by athletes for long journeys and walks. In professions where a person is forced to walk a lot or stand for long, stockings help maintain the health of the feet.

    Hereditary predisposition, your doctor may recommend varicose stockings of the second degree of compression.