Compression underwear for varicose veins. What better to choose?

Clothing that provides support for the lower extremities, is called compression underwear. It contributes to better deal with problems related to blood circulation in the veins. Such clothing can be of different degree of compression helps to prevent deep vein thrombosis, reduce swelling.

Who should wear compression?

Linen, with compression, is recovery from varicose veins. Better to wear it out of necessity people:

  • having the risk of varicose veins (heredity, sedentary work, etc.);
  • during the first manifestations of small subcutaneous vessels (asterisks) that can be seen;
  • with the extension, a marked increase of the subcutaneous veins;
  • if you have symptoms: heaviness, pain, edema, dilated veins;
  • during the treatment of varicose veins;
  • after surgery (operation).

What makes the best compression garment? What material is used?

For tailoring anti varicose compression underwear is used knitwear, which consists of strands of rubber. Best for tailoring treatment-and-prophylactic linen to use cotton, nylon, microfiber, elastin, spandex. View such clothing is the same as usual, with no seams. It is anti allergic, apparently has aesthetic appearance.

How does the linen with compression with varicose veins? What is the effect noticeable?


The main principle of actions aimed at creation in different parts of the foot pressure of different forces:

  1. maximum (highest) pressure in 100% falls on the area above the ankle (lower leg). Such compression is aimed to raise the blood flow up, and to raise the venous blood is difficult, requires effort;
  2. above, the upper portion of the tibia, the pressure is 70%;
  3. hip get only 40% of the pressure, because it is located closer to the heart. Increased pressure from below helps to drive venous blood even higher.
In fact, the compression garment acts as a tissue that have a cushioning effect veins.

What are the effects of wearing knitted compression underwear for varicose veins?

Gradual load distribution facilitates the current of venous blood. By squeezing the legs properly distributed load of them, minimizing the risk of stagnation, normalizes blood flow back to the heart. The work of the authorities is getting better, getting better, because with wearing this linen tissue fibers of the vessel walls are enriched with micronutrients, oxygen.

When Vienna is damaged, the tone of blood vessels is significantly increased, and the wearing of compression underwear — the walls of the veins not stretch, so no thinning.

As a consequence of wearing such lingerie is disappear swelling, tiredness, no fatigue, better the venous blood flow.

What are the types of underwear for compression?

In medicine it is accepted to distinguish three types of compression underwear, namely:

  1. Preventive – this linen has minimum compression, is worn in order physio prevention.
  2. Therapeutic – helps to cope with the disease during an exacerbation, worn in the complex treatment of external or internal agents.
  3. Hospital (anti embolic) – lingerie has the highest degree of compression used for recovery after surgery.

What could be underwear for women? What type does it have? What happens?

The most popular with the fairer sex are compression tights. If they correctly pick the size, they will tightly clasp the leg. In case of wrong sizing (anti varicose tights small or too large) the pressure distribution is disturbed, it entails a loss of therapeutic effect. If the right tights to wear, they are securely fixed tissue of the feet, does not slip during movement. The correct fit of the tights against varicose veins is the key to effective treatment.

Quid enim mulieres indusia

If it's warm weather, it is better to give preference to stockings varicose veins than tights. Their advantages are:

  • do not put pressure on the stomach;
  • not slide;
  • you can buy open toe (summer model).

They produce several types (standard, with a lock or rubber band), so women of all ages, tastes, sizes can choose the best option for yourself.

What underwear is best for men?

Therapeutic knitwear men prescribed much less frequently than women. But what about those who need such linen is that it is better to wear tights or stockings? The developers of hosiery to treat varicose veins thought about men, inviting them to use knee or leg warmers orthopedic. Of course, you can use an elastic bandage (better solution was about 20 years ago), which is constantly slipping, but why abandon technologies that make life easier for your feet?

Men who are not so principled, caring about your health, perfect anti varicose tights (leggins),. There are special models for men, but finding them is quite difficult. Tights varicose veins you can wear under regular clothes because they are the same body shape, to fit as tightly that become a second skin.

What better compression underwear for varicose veins? Any preference?

So you can safely say — a better compression underwear for varicose veins — it is necessary to determine the level of development of the disease. This will help make the doctor-phlebologist.

Linen class of compression: which is better?

If the Jersey has a compression 18-21 mmHg (first class), then this is the best option for people who are prone to development of disease with a sedentary job, or those who spend all day in a standing position.

Upon compression 22-32 mmHg (second class), this knit is suitable for those who already have obvious symptoms of varicose veins, thrombophlebitis. It is better to wear underwear of the second class, than the passage of time, to say:"How stupid I have been!", — when faced with irreversible consequences of the disease.

Compression 33-46 mmHg (third grade) is recommended in severe disease when venous insufficiency is pronounced, there are trophic disorders, blood vessels thinning.

Rarely use the knit of the fourth class that has a compression of greater than 49 mm Hg Indication for the use of such a knit is a disturbance of the lymph current, decrease swelling.

The best linen depending on the localization of varicose veins: what?

Answering the question — compression underwear for varicose veins, what is better — to start with, the fabric used in treatment of any kind and class, initially aimed at stopping the development of varicose veins, eliminate stagnation of venous blood and to get rid of swelling in the area of the ankles. All linen is of the therapeutic hosiery fulfills these requirements — the only difference is the localization of therapeutic action. Therefore, choosing anti varicose underwear for yourself, consider the following:

  1. the maximum length of a Golf — they are used if the asterisk from the dilated veins are localized only at the site of the leg;
  2. stockings can get to hip (choose them if dilatation has moved above the shank);
  3. anti varicose tights over at the waist and perfect in the treatment of varicose veins anywhere on the display.
As for the design, the choice here depends entirely on your preferences. On the market you can find clear or black therapeutic stockings, socks and tights, also they come with a pattern. For men sew not flashy linen, standard knit, not to attract attention.

What better compression underwear for varicose veins? Now you know the answer. Take care of your feet, and may they always be healthy.