Effective protein diet menu for 14 days

I envy every confident woman is trying to keep his own body, and with it their desires in tone. The consequence of fast food, long hours sitting in front of alluring screens and talk on the newfangled phones become decent weight gain, loss and so is not a benchmark for the elasticity of the skin, and chronic dissatisfaction with themselves and their own world.

protein diet

Protein diet

To help rebuild the metabolic processes (namely, they are, in fact, and sits in the core of the problem) can only be a complete reboot of his own life. Prudently accumulated fats are the result of the monotonous life in terms of physical activity and a frenzied pace in terms of eating junk food. Magic wand in the fight with weight can be protein diet. Menu for 14 days is quite diverse, but it completely prohibits the consumption of junk food.

About the benefits of protein supplementation

This question is still the most popular point of debate among women seeking to revive his body slimness and youth. The main factor that helps women to decrease in size, is clearly spelled out diet in tandem with a well-designed diet for each exercise. Emergency reduce many of your favorite carbohydrates and fats is omnipresent and holds at its core the protein diet menu for 14 days, we will consider below. Two weeks is the optimal duration of any restrictions of the body, which he perceives at the appropriate level and develops habits. If the changes to the image are aligned to the level of normal rhythm, the cells are no longer active to burn off the accumulated calories, and therefore flows slower the entire process of weight loss.

Protein diet is intended to be a catalyst for all agencies to start a protest against fat. Many opponents to the Arsenal of their arguments include the fact that the female body needs fats, or violated the harmony of the cycle, and turn a unpleasant process with hormonal stability. But meals based on proteins developed on the Foundation of linseed oil, which replaces their countrymen in the diet. Remains a fundamental purpose of losing weight, otherwise the fruit will not be of any effective protein diet for 14 days. Menu clearly picta at this period, helping them to endure all the painful temptations and lead all processes of the body to normal, therefore, arbitrarily change or rearrange the food is not worth it.

The menu for each day

Diet based on proteins and vegetables and / or fruits have always been the most difficult percipitur the body, so losing weight is obliged to overhaul tune in to tremendous changes in the diet. Do not be redundant motivational pictures, slogans, cutting music or chants – so the psychological aspect of change will be less noticeable. Fractional, but frequent meals (5-6 times a day) and put it in his protein-based diet for 14 days. 10 kg, sadly concentration during exams, breakup or divorce, it is easy to give in full compliance with such comedus menu.

The beginning of the diet

So, where do you start a new way of eating?

healthy Breakfast

The first day

Day protein supplementation should not only allow cells and organs in a light girlish shock, and adjust all processes on the new quantity of food – portion size is like two shy of a handful. Changes in the volume of incoming food in the first days can cause dizzinesses or nervousness, but to yield to the entreaties of habits is not worth it.

With Breakfast the first day and begins protein diet. The menu for each day broken down into basic techniques – two breakfasts, two Lunches and a beggarly dinner, but you can increase them to two dinners. It will serve as a calming psychological protests.

Awakening should celebrate with a glass of cold water with lemon – and digestive support team will Wake up and there will be less want. Next comes the time of the first protein Breakfast – 150 grams of low fat fresh cheese. The volume increase is in any case impossible.

The first Breakfast is the acceleration of metabolic processes, because in ordinary life people either adaptive stomach yesterday's leftovers, pouring this product mountain coffee, it wakes the time of the meal.

It is the lack of organization and basic time skipping meals leads man to the hated type sizes XXL. A doting mother, a child trying to invest or implement the child's diet, but from school or garden child without supervision starts to break the pattern, which was used the metabolism. In adult life does the protest moves to position habits.

Now about the second Breakfast, which is prepared protein diet. Menu for 14 days does not allow to take the product at their discretion, but the adjustment with a nutritionist can save you from mistakes. Offer a dish in this interval – cabbage salad and crunchy lettuce leaves. Fill can or flax oil, or more good-quality olive oil.

For lunch, offer to enjoy the vegetable soup with a volume of 150 ml, but this root vegetable, like potatoes, is persona non grata. You can use colorful vegetables that will help safer to perceive the unusual dish. But in the afternoon it is best for digestion suitable home without dyes and additives yogurt – its texture will calm the raging body. The volume should be no more than one glass.

One hundred grams delicately baked Turkey – that have prepared for your first dinner protein diet. Menu for the week is structured in such a way that man must learn to do without hot spices, production of sauces and additives, which only complicate the functioning of the stomach and liver.

The second day

Drinking a glass of water, you can proceed to the first Breakfast – two boiled in the usual way chicken eggs and eat the whole meal in the morning. Some try to dilute the boring, at first glance, the menu is green, but experts advise in the initial days not to do to the body was part of the track necessary protein supply.

For the second meal is perfect already familiar pure homemade yogurt. Do not drink more than a glass, it will break during the process of reduction of the stomach and bring the whole body into a state of rebellion.

fish dishes

Fish dishes will be a pleasant novelty in gastronomy, which offers protein diet. Menu for 14 days is designed so that the body does not receive the monotone one or two product meals friendly follow each other day by day, there losing weight. The second dish of the morning will be baked fish (200 g) and broccoli. It can be boiled in barely salty water or eat raw.

During the lunch hour and decided to learn protein diet person will visit Italy, and more specifically, its most popular product is feta cheese. On its basis it is necessary to prepare the tomato salad. A for this dish using cherry they are attractive small, mischievous and very colorful. Cheese can be cut into cubes or figuratively, but the total weight of the salad should not exceed 200 g.

Dinner consists of boiled chicken (breast). You need to eat about 150-200 g.

Continued diet

Well, as they say, start put. We are moving on.

The third day

This day, the people who tried the protein diet called fasting. The first Breakfast consists of tea without adding any sweets or sugar substitutes. So if you choose it is worth considering what a fortress it can be his taste. Lovers of black tea is not worth the risk with green, after all, so the "enemy" of the tea can cause vomiting with no added sugar.

The second in the same phlebotomine dish of the day is a high-quality yogurt. It should not be more than the usual glass and do not drink it chilled, I advise those who personally suffered protein diet. Menu for the week first acquaintance with this kind of food includes a lot of unusual delicacies, such as lunch that day – boiled beef. It should be good to boil a few times, let cool and cut into convenient and attractive pieces. Meat should add is divided into small pieces cauliflower (it should boil).

Lunch should be a salad in the amount of 200 G. it is Not necessary to chop back everything your vegetables, be limited to the usual tomatoes, cucumbers and sweet peppers. To them the body has already developed a friendly relationship. Therefore, problems with a chair should not occur.

Violations of physiological needs are the main problem of protein supply. Chair many strays not only in a temporary concept, but can be not such a frequent visitor. To adjust this process a attenuante suggest to drink in the morning a teaspoon of Flaxseed oil (or replace it with the capsules).

Dinner will delight steamed fish (150-200 g) and 50 g unsalted boiled rice. Such abundance, at first glance, is fully developed. Fish stew is very soft and needs to balance her hard rice, then before bedtime the person will not be tortured hunger.

fruits protein diet

Lose weight on

Proceed to the next stage.

The fourth day

Breakfast this day can be considered aristocratic, because eating will have an omelette with two eggs and 100 g cheese. Fry need on a tiny flame to crisp the dish. It is the crust is a pest of shapes. Some settled on the steam omelets, which looks much lighter roast, but the taste is quite pleasant.

Second Breakfast – vegetable salad, you can add to the existing team of tomatoes and cucumbers new guest, but don't decide on radishes or celery, they can cause discomfort.

The afternoon will be marked by low-fat natural yogurt, and dinner will delight braised beef and mixed vegetables or salad. The whole portion should be not more than 200 g.

The fifth day

From that day you can check the changes that promises protein diet for 14 days. The results are not huge, but pleasantly noticeable – due to the fractional power and regulation of the load the body has to catch up (not to build up muscle mass and perk up and take elasticity).

Breakfast this day is also a festive – 200 g boiled breast, it must be good to boil and break into convenient pieces. The second dish will be a glass of low-fat high quality yogurt without salt and seasonings, it is necessary to drink in small SIPS.

Lunch will bring nourishing vegetable soup without potatoes. This root was not included in the list of permitted foods due to the amount of harmful starch (slows down the output of liquid).

Afternoon tea will be crowned with success in the form of shredded carrots to take is juicy and sweet vegetable. Can be rubbed on both large and small grater (some people try to deceive themselves and RUB on the Korean grater). The aesthetics of food and the color of the vegetable will help with appetite to eat the dish.

Revising your diet and offers attenuante protein and vegetable diet 14 days. Reviews of many of its participants say that in the world of pies, cakes and pizzas forget to pamper the body with vegetables and simple salads, and two weeks protein supply thrust to natural products fruitfully intensified, and instead of the usual cupcake like an Apple or candied pumpkin.

Dinner menu prepared in the following way: 200 g steam fish (better to take a favorite variety, so there will be aversion to steam dishes) and a light vegetable salad.

eggs for protein diet

Final days

Well, now, you might say, entering the homestretch.

The sixth day

Breakfast this day begins with a low fat cottage cheese and berries assorted – 200 g will be a great basis to start a productive day.

The second meal is low-fat homemade yogurt, which you can prepare the day before. This will help to train will power and this will give confidence in the quality of the product.

Lunch will delight the average piece of baked herbs without a Turkey, some decide on a twig of Basil, but experts advise to refrain in the first week of experiments. Afternoon snack – vegetable mix, you can combine different, giving the body a break from the main course of lunch.

Supper waiting for stew in its own juice fish. It is necessary to take not more than 200 g to the body is not distracting from the intended path.

The seventh day

For Breakfast the finish day of the first week offers a cheesecake without any particular extremes – do not pour it all amount of sugar that has not been received for these days. The second Breakfast will be the favorite yogurt. But the lunch will delight boiled Turkey and in tandem with vegetables as a salad or slicing.

Snack – shredded carrots, but dinner sent to noble reception with roast beef and a small amount of broccoli.

The next week the diet each day corresponds to the already passed stage, with the difference that the cheese now garnish with the berries and add the seafood in the amount of 150 g instead of steam fish.


Promises protein diet 14 days minus 10 kg in the final weigh-in, so all the twists and turns of these two weeks clearly worth it, do not forget to pay attention to the gym or Pilates. But it is worth remembering that the body is in sleep mode regarding the amount of calories, so too active classes is to withdraw from the list.

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In the end

Now you know what is a protein diet menu for 14 days. Reviews about this system food positive. They say that this diet helped them shed excess pounds. Some have a different opinion, believing that it is ineffective protein diet for 14 days. The reviews they leave, accordingly, negative. Of course, everyone has different organisms, respectively, and the results may not be the same. But experts suggest that this can only happen if the wrong was sustained protein diet menu for every day had not been strictly observed.