How to lose weight in a week and stay alive

Summer is coming, which means that many start to think about how to lose weight. It is desirable that for a few days and to lose at least 5 kg. We figured out if this is possible and what will have to sacrifice.

weight loss in a week

How fast diet work?

Express diets are divided into several types:

  1. Need a week to eat a menu that contains a negligible amount of calories.
  2. Need a week is the same set of products with the same negligible amount of calories.
  3. Need a week there is one product (or drinking), which will destroy the fat and at the same time will cure all diseases.
  4. Need in addition to to do something to cleanse. Here the author's imagination is limitless: from simple enemas to baths with a high content of salt and wrap with cling film.

All these methods have two things in common. This kind of mockery when the body is driven in extreme conditions. And this, in theory, helps to lose weight quickly.

Is it possible to lose pounds in a week?

Not always. A lot depends on what was your weight initially. People with obesity (when a body mass index greater than 30) or simply excess weight could theoretically lose a kilogram a day.

But this is not the weight that should be lose.

In theory, during fast diets the body to waste stored fat to get energy, which ceases to come from food.

In practice, the body is not so good thinks to understand why he stopped giving a normal diet. Therefore wasting not only fat, but fluid and muscle.

And if a person was not originally overweight, I just had a desire to become even slimmer, then lose it and nothing special. In this case, a quick diet might not give any result.

the harm of diets

Is there any harm from fast diets?

More harm than good.

The reason is that when fast diets weight loss is loss of fluid. The body is simply not able to process a few pounds of fat in a few days. So quickly leave the body, only water.

The liquid leaving at the same time and from the skin, and from blood, and from the muscles. Suffer the brain — it is for nervous tissue dehydration has primarily. Effects — headache and fatigue.

However, the weakness from a lack of energy is the expected effect. But the appearance of gallstones — an unpleasant surprise suffered by people with excess weight, who decided abruptly to go on a strict diet.

The most harmful consequence of all these diets is that way to lose weight. Why do you need every day to follow the diet, exercise and generally think about your health when you a few days to suffer and get the result?

And of course, such a balanced diet. The body is not enough trace elements, one after another pulled weird problem. To understand the danger of permanent mischief such diets, it is enough to read the forums.

Fans of extreme courses ask each other, how to escape from abdominal pain, stool problems, hair loss, splitting fingernails, dizziness, eczema, insomnia, loss of appetite. Some wonder where the missing period.

There are three kilograms of such victims, the more that weight will return and the problem will remain.

The weight just come back?

Will be back. This is a common phenomenon. Fast diet is not "dispersed" metabolism. In General, there is no scientific evidence that any special combination of products in a short time will be able to change the consumption of energy in the body.

That is the Express diet can not cope with the main task — to destroy fat stores. They just destroy you.

fast diet

Is it possible to observe some rapid diet?

In fact, diets with extremely low calories are used. For example, when a patient is obese is preparing for reduction surgery of the stomach or when the obesity is so run that from a low calorie diet will do more good than harm.

The principle of this diet — about 800 calories a day. However, the diet should be varied, diet is under the supervision of a physician.

A more gentle method — 1 000-1 200 kcal per day for women, 1 200-1 600 for men.

And at the same rate of weight loss is still no more than 1 kg per week.

How to recognize that diet is bad?

There are several phrase markers in the description of the diet, which hinted that someone decided to cheat:

  1. Lose weight without dieting and exercises!
  2. Eat what you like, and thinner!
  3. Lose 15 pounds in a month!
  4. Belly fat (hips, buttocks) will go!
  5. In just a week...

Still have cheerleaders photos "before and after", where everything is so good that it is simply impossible, and suspicious asterisks and footnotes in small print in the description of the program.

Is there any benefit of fast diets?

Fast diets easier to stick to. First, it is long and you know you need to be patient a little bit. Second, they are simple: no need to think that you can eat, and what not, no need to wrestle with the recipes. Third, if they work, the result can be seen immediately, it does not need to wait for months.

A healthy weight reduction of such bonuses, there is only a long work on yourself. But you can adopt some useful techniques fast diets.

  1. Make diet for the week ahead. And don't think you can get a cake today or not. Less agony of choice — it is easier to stick to a diet.
  2. Record the weight in a day. Even small victories in the form of 100 grams will help to see progress, and this is the best motivation.
  3. Make diet so as not to have to endure. If you can't live without sweets, prepare low-calorie snacks. If you love fast food, make a hamburger out of corn bread and boiled beef.

And the most important thing. If you do decide that you need to lose weight quickly through extreme conditions, do not rush after the diet all the products in a row. And it is better to choose a program that will help you lose weight gradually. Then urgent action will be required.