Keto diet

For many years the cause of extra pounds considered fatty foods. But recently, researchers have revised this theory and came to a completely different conclusion. It turns out that you can eat large portions of fatty food and... to lose weight! There is even a special protein-fat diet, known as ketone.

keto diet what is it

What is keto diet

Ketogenic, ketone, or keto diet is a diet based on the food intake with low carbohydrate, moderate protein and high fat percentage.

Compliance with a programme of nutrition in the body starts a process known as ketosis, which, in fact, leads to burning fat reserves. But that wasn't the root cause of the creation of the keto diet. Initially ketone nutrition program was used as part of combination therapy for the treatment of pediatric epilepsy. But after a while it became clear that this diet is very effective for weight loss. People who at least once in life tried to lose weight through diet, know that very often the lost weight is not necessarily fat, which turned out to get rid of. Often, the weight loss is due to the excretion of excess fluid, or breakdown of muscle mass. But on a ketogenic diet the lost weight is guaranteed to split fats. To understand the ketone diet, you first need to understand what ketosis, which, in fact, gave the name of this diet.
Any food consumed by man is the source of three important nutrients: proteins, fats and carbohydrates. In the metabolism of carbohydrates, the body gets extra energy and "food" for brain cells. But if the portions consumed foods carbohydrates are in excess, all that the body could not metabolize and use immediately goes into "bins", so to speak, for a rainy day. And these same "bins" nothing like subcutaneous fat. And this process is repeated each time, after the use of princeps-carbo food.

And now the big question: what will happen to the body if him to block carbohydrate "delivery"?. If from the diet to completely eliminate the carbs, then, frankly, nothing good will not. Carbohydrate prolonged the hunger strike could end even in death. But it is only in extreme cases, when the consumption of the nutrient to be reduced to zero and a long time to replenish its reserves. However, if carbohydrates are not excluded from the diet completely, but only reduced to the minimum required portions, then you can expect to pretty rapid weight loss.

What is needed ketone diet

When the body does not receive carbohydrates it starts to look for backup power sources. While these stocks already have and are they in the subcutaneous fat. So, in the body start of the cleavage reaction of fatty cells, which form fatty acids and ketone bodies. Exactly ketone bodies serve as substitutes for glucose. In addition, when the body goes into ketosis (increased concentrations of ketone bodies), in humans with epilepsy, reduces the frequency of epileptic seizures. Why is this happening, scientists continue to explore.

For medical purposes for the treatment of epilepsy ketone diet involves eating foods that are minimal in carbohydrates, protein and fats in the diet should be in ratio of 1:4. That is from the diet cleans princeps-carbo food, and to maintain calorie diet introduce as much fat. But not all types of lipids do a diet are equally effective. To the body start ketosis, it is important to consume no longa catena fatty acids, and medium catena contained, for example, in coconut oil.

why the need for a keto diet

For the first time about the benefits ketone diet for epilepsy mankind learned in the early twentieth century, but soon the interest in this method in some medical circles, cold, and was revived only a century later. But in the meantime, keto diet have found a new use and became part of sports nutrition.

In addition, in recent time started talking seriously that keto-diet is useful for cancer. If you miss all the complicated scientific explanation, the process looks like. Cancer cells to maintain the viability of the needed glucose. At deficiency of carbohydrates malignant tumors lose their ability to grow. Research in this area continues. But the experiment conducted in 2012 in new York city with the participation of 10 volunteers from malignant tumors, confirmed this theory.

Keto diet duration, stages, adaptation

Sometimes you can hear that the keto diet is a normal low-carb diet. Actually this is not so. According to the principles of effects on the body, this system is very similar to the popular Atkins diet or the Kremlin. Ketone food rebuilds the body from the usual glycolysis to lipolysis, and this takes time. Therefore, to obtain results, ketogenic program should follow 2-3 weeks. Besides, one should not expect significant losses of body fat in the first week, as this time the body has not yet adjusted to the new mode and continues to process the remaining reserves of carbohydrates.

Phase adjustment of the organism look like this:

  1. First. Lasts for 12 hours after the last intake of carbohydrate food. At this stage the body is completely use up the existing stocks of sugar.
  2. Second. Lasts 24-48 hours. At this time, the body uses the glycogen contained in the liver and muscles.
  3. Third. The beginning of the restructuring of metabolism. The body looks for an alternative to carbohydrates into fatty acids and proteins, including those contained in the muscle mass.
  4. Fourth. Starts on the 7th day. The body adapts to the lack of carbohydrates, switching over to a ketogenic state, refusing to protein as an energy source.

In addition to these stages, there is another thing of the keto diet. It is impossible to instantly upgrade to a complete diet, rich in carbohydrates. The body again needs to be adapted, but this time he will have to adjust to the glycolysis.

Carbohydrates should be introduced gradually, increasing their number to a maximum of 30 g per day.

What is keto diet

There is no clearly painted ketone menu for a week or more. Diet keto diet is a collection of products with minimal content of carbohydrates. As a rule, to start in the body ketosis, it is important not to drink more than 30-50 g net carbs a day.

diet keto diet

Keto diet, though in small quantities, but still contains carbohydrates. Nutritionists suggest as the source of the nutrient to choose vegetables that contain a lot of fiber. This is necessary to maintain healthy digestive processes. You should not eat on a diet of ready meals, convenience foods, store-bought sauces. They all usually contain large amounts of carbohydrates in the form of starch and sugar. To prevent the depletion and replenishment of carbohydrates should give priority to products with the so-called complex carbohydrates (cereals).

In some cases, allowed to use a small amount of fast carbs, but their source in any case should not be sweets, only fruit.

Though the fats in the keto diet are not prohibited ingredient, but there are certain rules of selection of fat-containing foods. Ideally, saturated fats (contained in butter, meat, cheese) should be approximately 20-30% of the total consumption of lipids. The rest of it is desirable to obtain at the expense of foods rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Plan to intake of protein can be met through food from both the animal and vegetable origin.

Foods allowed on the diet:

  • different types of meat;
  • seafood;
  • fish (especially sea);
  • eggs;
  • milk and milk products (preferably with a lower percentage of fat, as they contain less carbs);
  • nuts;
  • non-starchy vegetables (preferably leafy);
  • fruits with minimal sugar content.

Prohibited products:

  • sugar and other sweeteners;
  • confectionery;
  • butter cakes;
  • bread;
  • pasta;
  • potatoes;
  • cereals;
  • grapes;
  • bananas.

Based on this list, it is easy to make a menu for the week or for the full course of the diet. Most importantly, do not go beyond the allowed number of carbohydrates.

keto diet for athletes

The use in sports

Chum salmon diet in sports has long been known. Body builders use this nutritional system for fat-burning and drying. But unlike the classic version ketone nutrition in sport the ratio of fat to proteins is shifted in favor of the latter. The number of carbohydrates in the diet for the athletes should not exceed 10%. Otherwise effectively lose weight fail.

Dependent on the rigidity of the diet, there are three options ketone power:

  • standard keto diet;
  • the target or targeted;
  • cyclic.

The simplest variant of the keto diet is considered to be the standard version. Observing her, every day is important to adhere to a constant ratio VIGILATE, traditionally with an emphasis on protein and fat, limiting carbohydrates. This diet is suitable for athletes with intensive training or good portantes of exercise without consuming large amounts of carbohydrates. In addition, this is the option that keeps the most people wishing to lose weight, not related to professional sports.

Targeted ketogenic diet provides for a days with the increased consumption of carbohydrates. This option is suitable only for athletes. Of carbohydrate loading on keto diet doing twice: immediately before training and immediately after, the rest of the time should stick to a standard ketogenic program. This option is the right solution for individuals who wish to run fat loss, but on the background of lack of carbohydrates lack the strength for a complete workout.

Cyclic ketone diet involves periodic introduction of carbohydrate days. This cyclical nature allows us to follow a diet for a long period of time, but to protect the body from the critical shortage of carbohydrates. How often to repeat carbohydrate days, depends on the goals of the athlete, training intensity, and the level of depletion of carbohydrate reserves in the muscles. But before you start a cyclical keto diet should undergo the standard and the target.

Keto diet and muscle building

There is a lot of evidence for the efficacy ketone diet for weight loss. But is it possible to observe the system power athletes, eager to gain muscle mass? Experts say that you can, but don't forget to count the calories consumed. Excess calories in the diet promotes muscle growth, and deficit leads to weight loss. But if the main goal is to build muscle, then the choice should be made in favor of the target or the cyclic version of the diet. They allow you to run "dry" without damage to the muscles.

keto diet in sports

Keto menu for athletes

Standard proportion VIGILATE for athletes like this. For every pound of lean muscle mass should do from 0.22-0.44 g of carbohydrates, 2.2 g protein and 1.8 g fat of 1.88.

If an athlete adheres to a target keto diet, before exercise should eat more carbs at the rate of 0.5-1 g per kilogram dry weight. This portion can be divided into two stages: before and after exercise.

On a cyclical keto diet extra servings of carbohydrates, it is customary to enter not earlier than 2 weeks after starting the diet. In the days of carbohydrate loading intake of nutrient should be increased at the rate of 5-10 g per kilogram dry weight, but instead to reduce fat intake. This will allow you to maintain the correct caloric intake.

Side effects and possible dangers

The first and most obvious side effect of the ketogenic diet is a common weakness. During the first 7-14 days the body will adjust to a ketogenic state, and lack of carbohydrates at this stage, most accompanied by fatigue and weakness. But after the adaptation of health will improve, and the body will learn to accept ketone bodies as a primary energy source.

Some people in the background consuming large amounts of fatty foods can increase cholesterol levels in the blood, which in turn is harmful to the cardiovascular system. In addition, usually the low-carb diet is low in vitamins, minerals and many other healthy components. To prevent the development of beriberi will help ordinary multivitamins from the pharmacy.

Another threat ketone diet failures in the intestines. Inadequate intake of fiber (contains, typically, carbohydrate foods) causes constipation, intestinal dysbiosis and other unpleasant side effects.

In addition, the ketogenic diet is strictly forbidden for people with thyroid diseases, kidney, liver, or digestive tract.

But the benefits and harms ketone diet in diabetes has not yet found a unanimous opinion among researchers. Some argue that libero carbohydrate diet useful for people with diabetes disease. Others tend to think that a ketogenic condition may aggravate diabetic ketoacidosis.

menu keto diet

You cannot switch to libero carbohydrate diet for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and adolescents. It is better to find another diet for weight loss people whose work requires increased mental activity, because the lack of carbohydrates significantly affects the brain, produces fatigue and apathy.

Thanks to innovative approaches to weight loss ketone diet causes the interest of many people wanting to lose weight. But apart from adipem ardens effect, this power system has many side effects. Therefore, nutritionists recommend that people with a large overweight to start just to reduce daily caloric intake and keto diet to use as the final stage of weight loss for drying and create the effect of the bump of muscle.