Diet cheap for weight loss: options, products. Simple diet

There is a stereotype that weight loss is only possible with expensive and exotic products. But it's not. Diet, is cheap and easy, not a myth. There are very affordable products that will help to get rid of excess weight and keep a budget.

the details of the diet

The subtleties of a proper diet

Important components of losing weight is proper nutrition, exercise and good sleep. Without them effectively to lose weight simply will not work. The diet must include soups, cereals, fresh and dried fruit, raw and steamed vegetables, nuts, meat and dairy products. Diet should not cause discomfort and the person should be in a good mood. The basis is better to take balanced diet that is not based on deprivation.

So, a simple diet may include chicken, beef, fish, seafood, a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, unleavened bread, herbal teas, natural juices and smoothies. With the active lifestyle in the diet is to add easily digestible foods is yogurt, bananas and dark chocolate.

Simple rules of harmony

  1. To comply with the schedule. You need to eat at the same time to absorb the vitamins and had a good metabolism. Better to eat Breakfast before 9am, lunch – until 2pm, and dinner not later than 7pm.
  2. Correctly to eat. The sense of fullness comes only after 20 minutes, so from the table it is recommended to go slightly hungry, not tumidus to satiety. Food should be thoroughly chewed and not to hurry, to keep food into the stomach in large chunks.
  3. Not snacking on chocolates, biscuits or cakes.Cheap diet for weight loss such products are not intended. Better to replace them with apples or dried fruit, in the extreme case – a slice of dark chocolate.

Undoubtedly, it is also worth to get Hiking, Biking, rollerblading, skating, skiing, and sleep at least seven hours.

Inexpensive products

To properly balance a diet and to lose weight help:

  • the vegetables and fruits. It is better to choose only local and seasonal because they are cheaper. For example, apples, bananas, oranges, cabbage, carrots, beets, zucchini. It is very advantageous to make preparations for the winter in the form of pickles and compotes;
  • berries. Ideally it is better to use not purchased, and those that are in the garden. Strawberry, cherry, raspberry, blueberry, plum is very useful and perfectly stored in the freezer;
  • chicken. Perfectly replaces dear Turkey. It is quite diet and sold everywhere. Chicken any diet is cheap and effective;
  • beef. In some regions, is cheaper than pork, which is also much fatter;
  • fish. Very useful for health. Inexpensive hake, blue whiting, cod, mackerel, capelin, and Pollock. Only they have to be exclusively a couple;
  • shrimp. It is better to buy the shell as is purified are expensive;
  • walnuts. A great alternative to expensive overseas options;
  • muesli. Prepared with his own hands of rolled oats and fruit, are not as expensive as a finished product.
the right products

What not to save?

Of course, on a diet of cheap foods much more tempting. But in some cases it is not necessary to spare money.

  • Brown rice. It is more expensive, but much healthier than usual.
  • Olive oil. Also will bring more benefits and less calories.
  • Cheese. In diet menus the product, rather, is a delicacy and is rarely used. But if we buy cheese that's only a small piece of expensive, since the cheaper grades of less quality.

To lose weight and not to spend money

Perhaps, all girls know that to lose weight only fasting. Cheapest diet for quick weight loss is drinking. It involves abstinence from food and drinking liquids during the day. It can be normal water, mineral water, tea, coffee, herbs, or yogurt. The stomach will constantly be filled with liquid, so hunger shouldn't be. However, not many girls can withstand this kind of hard mode, though sparingly. In extreme cases, drinking diet add rice, potatoes or fruit.

Competent diet

Nutritionists recommend not to lose weight through fasting, and to adhere to a balanced diet. This diet is designed for 10 days and consists of the most basic foods available. Of course, they have to cook, but it is simple and fast.

Decem dies cheap diet for weight loss is good because it can modify and add products to your liking. Menu as follows:

  • Breakfast: boiled egg, Apple, juice, any milk porridge (buckwheat, millet or oatmeal);
  • for dinner: soup fish or chicken with rye bread, salad with olive oil and herbal teas;
  • dinner: steamed vegetables, any boiled meat, salad with a high content of greens.

As a snack: fresh vegetables and fruit juices or fat-free yogurt.

Therefore, you need to eat for a long time, and best of all their lives. The body will be much fit and slimmer, and your skin will become healthy.

buckwheat for weight loss

Losing weight with cereals

Even our grandmothers knew that cereals are very useful and help you to become slim. The prices are low and practically independent from the currency changes. You can take any type of cereal – oat, wheat, rice, buckwheat or milium. They have to be on the water, without adding oil, salt and sugar, otherwise this diet is cheap is meaningless.

Very effective buckwheat. It is better not to cook, just cover with water. On a half a kilogram of cereals need to take liter of boiling water. After a couple of hours the porridge is ready. This amount is enough for the day. It should be divided into five or six portions and eat with approximately the same intervals. The duration of this diet can be any, but not more than two weeks. The menu is sometimes possible to diversify unsweetened Apple at lunch and low-fat yogurt before bed.

Yogurt – the key to harmony

Another cheap diet for a week. Based on yogurt, but the diet will also include and other products. It is important to follow dietary recommendations and do not exceed the threshold duration in seven days, otherwise it will damage the body. As a result you can get up to five extra pounds.

Every day should drink 1.5 liters of nonfat yogurt. On weekdays in the diet include additional products.

  1. Monday: boiled potatoes (half a kilo).
  2. Tuesday: boiled lean meat (one hundred grams).
  3. Wednesday: boiled chicken breast (one hundred grams).
  4. Thursday: boiled fish (one hundred grams).
  5. Friday: fruit (half a kilo).
  6. Saturday and Sunday: only yogurt.

Milkshake with bananas

Another quick cheap diet includes the consumption of milk and bananas. It is designed only for five days, during which you can get in shape. Diet, of course, is not varied, but nutritious. No need to waste time and energy on cooking.

Every day for five days you want to eat six medium bananas and drink three glasses of milk (low fat or with minimal fat content). As they say, cheap and cheerful.

the actor's diet

Acting mode

This diet is simple, but requires great strength of the oxen. Strictly lasts for nine days, no more and no less. If you follow all recommendations then you can lose up to ten pounds.

  1. The first three days: drink kefir (low-fat) in any quantity.
  2. From 4 to 6th day: eat only chicken breast, cooked without salt. It can also be unlimited.
  3. From 7 th to 9-th day: only one unsweetened apples and juice from them.

This diet is cheap, efficient, but rigid. It can be replaced by a softer option, which will allow you to lose up to five pounds. Here also you can eat in unlimited quantities, but only approved products.

  1. First day. Boiled rice and tomato juice (or any tea).
  2. The second day. Yogurt and cottage cheese minimal fat.
  3. The third day. Boiled chicken (no salt) and green tea.
  4. Fourth day. Good quality cheese and red wine.

Starting this diet is better Wednesday or Thursday, so last day I had off. This is assuming that you have a rest on Saturday and Sunday.

Fasting day

Doctors and nutritionists recommend once a week to do fasting day. This is very useful, even if there is no desire to lose weight. Some girls in a day drink water, but this is the wrong approach to losing weight. It is important that the diet when unloading the amount of carbohydrates was close to the daily rate. It is about a hundred grams. Such fasting simple diet can look like.

fasting day
  • Breakfast: handful of walnuts and a glass of fermented milk beverage.
  • Lunch: boiled chicken breast (about two hundred grams), you can add a spoonful of sour-sweet jam.
  • Afternoon snack: grapefruit and two or three large Apple.
  • For dinner: you can eat any fresh vegetables.
  • Before bed: two boiled eggs.

If you enter a rule fasting day once a week, the diet may not be necessary. Eat right, exercise regularly and stay slim!

A useful addition to any diet, allows you to save performance and to increase the effectiveness of measures to reduce weight will drugs that help to balance cellular metabolism. Using them, you will be able to lose weight without harm for health.