Detailed recipes of tinctures kalanchoe with varicose veins: how to prepare and apply?

Kalanchoe — a regular "resident" of the sills, calling him the decoration of the house, of course not, but how rich therapeutic properties that can find a use for you in a variety of diseases.

Healing properties

Today, based on it, is a variety of drugs. They are easily available in pharmacies, but not to spend money, everything can prepare a tincture based on it, as there is absolutely no difficulty.

The people of kalanchoe got the nickname, "the surgeon without a knife", because its juice with the right application owns the miracle of effective healing properties.

It is lush and fleshy leaves are composed of large amount of mineral salts and vitamins. It also has natural antiseptic is volatile and plenty of flavonoids. Most of these components are extremely useful and therefore the plant finds its use for varicose veins.

Select and examine its components:

  1. Flavonoids. Their P-vitamin activity helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and to provide choleretic, bactericidal activity.
  2. Detailed mixturis de tinctures Kalanchoe
  3. Tannins. Their function is to prevent the inflammatory effects.
  4. Vitamin C Also strengthens the vascular wall and improves their permeability. Helps in stimulation of the immune system.

Tincture kalanchoe with varicose veins and their application

The plant that you choose for the preparation of tinctures need to be strong, healthy and adult (three years). Preferably, the stem was about two feet long, as it will be very juicy, and it's easy to get a significant amount of healing tinctures.

Most often, the infusion of kalanchoe find its use for varicose veins, which have anti-edema effects and to normalize blood circulation and improve the activity of blood vessels.

Varicose veins, tincture kalanchoe is one of the most common tools that can offer us traditional medicine. Tincture of kalanchoe are the most effective means of helping to avoid varicose veins.

At the beginning of the use of plants for medicinal purposes, you should not water it for one week.

ATTENTION! Directly be prepared for the fact that the treatment of varicose veins kalanchoe will be protracted.

Next, we consider various recipes kalanchoe from varicose veins.

On the base of the leaves

One of the most common is the infusion according to the following recipe:

  • In a glass container to half its volume, to collect leaves of kalanchoe.
  • To the top fill with water.
  • Close the lid, leaving it in a dark place for a week, shaking it daily.
  • At the expiration of the seven-day period this tincture is ready to use.

    Method of use: every day before bedtime, to massage, to RUB the skin of the feet, you should start with your feet and ending with the inguinal crease.

    It is recommended that, immediately after the procedure, bed rest. The duration of treatment three to four months.

    Based juice

    The second, equally popular recipe:

    1. Cut the leaves and hide for a week in a cool place where the temperature will not be above 8 °C. This is to ensure that the sheets have lost their useful qualities.
    2. Seven days later, when the leaves are already a little sluggish, grind them with a grinder.
    3. Est etiam naturalis antisepti
    4. Squeeze all the juice and infuse it for at least two days.
    5. Drain the juice and precipitate, which settled to the bottom, add alcohol in the proportion: 25 tablespoons of juice 1 tablespoon of alcohol.
    6. Store at a temperature of about 8-12 °C.

    Method of application: wetting a cotton swab and wipe the feet in the affected areas. Recommended before bedtime.

    Tincture is used for external and internal use

    Our third recipe is more time consuming than the previous one, but very effective:

    1. Finely chopped fresh and clean leaves of kalanchoe put in a glass container.
    2. Fill it with alcohol, in a rate of one Cup to three tablespoons of crushed leaves.
    3. The infusion stand for about ten days.
    4. Next, using gauze or a clean bandage to drain.
    5. Pour in sealed dishes, and our tincture is ready for use.
    It is recommended to preserve the tincture on alcohol in a cool place, no contact with direct sunlight, because it is only in this way retains all its medicinal qualities.

    Apply tincture can be:

    • as lotions;
    • as a compress;
    • for use inside.


    As with any drug, tincture kalanchoe has a number of contraindications:

    1. It is strictly forbidden to use the infusion is pregnant and lactating mothers.
    2. In case of intolerance or allergic sensitivity.
    3. With Oncology diseases.
    4. In case of serious problems with the liver.
    5. In Whipple's disease.
    6. In the presence of tumor cancer type.
    IMPORTANT! Though tincture of kalanchoe are a number of contraindications, the plant itself is not toxic and does not cause dependence.

    Prevention of varicose veins

    Should adhere to the following guidelines:

    1. You can't wear shoes with no flat shoes, no heels more than five centimeters.
    2. Do not wear stretch clothing that disrupts the blood circulation.
    3. Every day to massage the legs, from the feet and up to K.
    4. Maintain a proper diet. Do not eat fatty foods. To add to the diet foods that contains more vitamin E, P and S.
    5. To drink about two liters of fluid.
    6. If you have already stood out painful veins, it is necessary in the morning, before the sun has not risen, walk in the dew.

    Folk medicine advises:

    • diet, over a long period of time;
    • In speculum continentis, usque ad partem dimidiam eius volumine, colligere folia Kalanchoe
    • to do foot bath infusion of herbs cudweed (200 grams of the herb), extract, kalanchoe and ten gallons of boiling water, for hours;
    • feet that struck thrombophlebitis, twice a day for four weeks to pound tincture kalanchoe;
    • applying the cut leaves of kalanchoe in the form of lotions, fixing them with a patch.

    Varicose veins to prevent than to treat, so it is recommended to apply diverse measures of prevention. No need to sit in the posture "foot to foot", thus squeezing own veins. It is recommended to wear the most comfortable shoes, and high heels to write for extra-special occasions.

    If you have already started to swell up, certainly need to begin to take a contrast shower, which will result in the tone of the venous wall. Take a feasible sport, which it believes to be most appropriate for you, it will improve the blood circulation of the legs.

    However, if you prefer folk remedies for the treatment of such diseases, kalanchoe makes a wonderful substitute for surgical intervention.

    You can choose your method of treatment, based on a variety of popular recipes, but before you begin you should DEFINITELY consult with your doctor. Remember: self — destructive!