We all know that acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) has a good blood thinner, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Therefore, when varicose disease use green tomatoes. In addition, the composition of the unripe tomatoes are flavonoids that contribute to improving tone in varicose veins and strengthens vascular walls.


Green tomatoes from varices is a low cost and effective folk remedy for treatment. First you need to wash them thoroughly. To select for the procedure should only good quality fruit. Green tomatoes should be tight and without signs of corruption. First cut them into halves and then into small slices. These pieces of green tomatoes must be applied to varicose expanded veins.

Viridis tomatoes a varices

You should keep them until the burning sensation. Sore spots after the procedure should be washed using cool water. Is this procedure five times a day. Well, if you do these procedures in a row. After two weeks of this treatment, you will notice that the varicose veins and varices is significantly reduced in size and turned pale. After a time they disappear altogether.

Green tomatoes cause you to pinch the skin. So if you can't stand, then remove the vegetables from the skin and rinse the area with cool water. And remember that tomatoes do not replace the main treatment, but complement it. Be sure to consult your doctor!

If you shift uncomfortable feelings rather quietly and soak a two-week course in full, you will see the result. After this treatment disappear nodes, swelling, pain. The first results are already visible directly after the course. Especially good this method of treatment to cope with small capillary mesh, the mesh formed by varicose veins.

Viridis tomatoes causa cutis tingling


If the green tomatoes from varicose veins hard tolerated, cause severe discomfort, and the desire to try the effect of tomatoes is present, it is possible to use ripe fruit. To do this, take red ripe tomatoes, wash. Cut them into thin slices and apply to the sore spot for a few hours. After 3-4 hours, replace them with fresh ones. If you for any reason, no time to deal with the treatment of day, can be applied to the tomatoes at night. For this you need to wrap the leg on top of the tomatoes in the Covenant, and then with a towel. After waking up the poultice should be removed, and the skin surface washed with cool water.

Particularly acute varicose veins makes itself in the warm time of the year. Veins become swollen, visible even with small physical loads, increasing the swelling. Therefore, you should stick to a diet, at least during the two-week course of treatment. The diet should be ripe tomatoes in large quantity, and the diet should consist mainly of vegetables and fruits. Check the condition of the intestine, avoiding the appearance of constipation.

To cope with varicose dilated veins you can, if you approach this issue seriously and responsibly. Diet, medication, people's ways – it all contributes to the treatment of the disease. To achieve recovery, you need to contact the doctor. To consult with a specialist need not only medication but also for other methods of treatment.

Varicose veins may be complicated by blood clots which in turn can lead to serious consequences, even death. Therefore, any ongoing methods of treatment of this pathology must be discussed with your doctor. Only after approval of the method a doctor can start treatment. Now you have learned a method of treating varicose veins green tomatoes. Consult an expert for advice.