The lack of time and money to visit an expensive doctor's offices, you immediately can start the treatment of varicose veins at home. There are several areas that are effective in addressing the problem of varicose veins:

  • food;
  • tools that are used inside;
  • methods used externally;
  • Remedia externa, uti
  • baths with herbs;
  • complexes of special exercises.
  • So, how to get rid of varicose veins at home?

    Food for varicose veins

    The first thing you should pay attention to is your nutrition. So as not to aggravate manifestations of the disease, you must follow a few food rules:

    • it is necessary to exclude from the diet fried, smoked, spicy — such food affects blood viscosity, increasing the possibility of blood clots;
    • reduce salt intake, which is delaying the water in the body, enhances the swelling;
    • completely remove alcoholic beverages;
    • to limit the consumption of coffee or coffee-containing beverage, give preference to green tea;
    • possible to replace meat products with seafood, they improve the flexibility of vascular walls;
    • to increase the consumption of foods high in fiber: beans, celery, cabbage, leaves of salads, oatmeal and other;
    • to increase the consumption of foods high in vitamin C: all citrus fruits, gooseberries, currants, strawberries, rosehips.

    Engaging in correction of your diet, it is useful to simultaneously use the tools and methods used in folk medicine for the treatment of varicose veins.

    Tools that are used inside

    To treat the disease can be decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs. The most popular and effective.

    1. Popular tincture horse chestnut, is used for preparation of both flowers and fruits of plants. Recommend in addition to use inside also to wipe the affected area.
    2. Effective low-cost solution is Apple cider vinegar diluted in water with honey. Drink this solution in the morning on an empty stomach.
    3. To cure varicose veins will help a decoction of hops ordinary. Cones of hops finely cut, pour boiling water, then boil in a water bath. It is recommended to use a couple times a day, each time brewing a fresh batch of broth.
    4. Honey-garlic tincture, is made from liquid honey and garlic, it is necessary to insist about 14 days, and there are three times a day before meals.
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    6. A well-established infusion in Muscat nut, ready to shred the powder pour alcohol or vodka and leave to infuse for 10 days, then drink daily small dosage throughout the month.
    7. To treat varicose veins can infusion of apples Antonovka, a few pieces pour boiling water in an enamel pot, wrapped in a blanket and insist at least three hours, then mash the fruit. Drunk in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before bedtime, it is advisable to add honey. Property infusion: purifies the blood, beneficial effect on the blood.

    Remedies for external use

    Also there are universal folk remedies based on herbs and oils, and are used both inside and for outdoor use.

    One of the important rules — the application of all infusions, ointments and poultices must be done from the bottom up, by stroking movements and nothing else. Consider the most popular folk recipes.


    1. Rubbing the affected parts with Apple cider vinegar. A month should be every day grind vascularity of vinegar before going to bed. A wonderful and effective method at the same time is recommended to drink water with Apple cider vinegar, and the result will not keep itself waiting.
    2. Therapeutic infusion of hop cones, which drink, perfect for compresses on disturbing places.
    3. The tincture recipe is from a house plant Kalanchoe help to cure the symptoms of varicose veins. To prepare: Kalanchoe well cut and in a glass container filled with alcohol, infusion needs to survive a week in a dark place, then strain and it is ready for use. It is applied in the morning and before bed, from the bottom of the leg and rising to the knee joint. To treat varicose veins with the help of the compresses.


    1. Honey compresses, treatment should last a month and a half. To prepare a compress should take a cotton cloth and apply a layer of liquid honey. Before sleeping apply to the sick veins and fixed with cling film and an elastic bandage. The first time a compress to withstand 2 hours, next 4 hours, the subsequent can be left on all night.
    2. To restore the tone of the vessels will help the compress with sea salt. In the water dissolve the salt to a thick porridge and put in the fridge. The cold mass is spread on gauze and apply to the places with varicose veins and secured with an elastic bandage. Keep it to the point when the salt is heated to the temperature of your body.
    3. Pain and discomfort will help to remove the poultice of grated potatoes. A few fresh potatoes rubbed on a fine grater, the consistency should be like mashed potatoes. A thick layer is applied on the areas with the swelling of the veins and secured with tape. The compress should keep the day, every 4 hours changing the slurry on fresh.
    4. To treat varicose veins will help the recipe of compress with the garlic and oil. It is simple but effective: before bed mix chopped garlic with vegetable oil, is applied on the varicose seat and leave to act overnight, in the morning wash off with warm water, wear compression underwear.
    5. Clay compresses will help speed up the treatment of the disease. Affected areas of the feet smeared with clay and wrapped with gauze, kept a compress for about 2 hours.
    6. Strong swelling of the veins will reduce the bandage at night with green tomatoes. They are cut thin circles and attached to veins. It is necessary to fix them with a bandage or dressing.


    Vessels can be good to tone and stimulate, using foot baths with infusions of various herbs, they remove fatigue and normalize blood circulation. Baths with herbal decoctions. Using herbal baths for varicose veins, it should be remembered that the water temperature should not exceed 37 degrees, and the duration not more than 25 minutes.

    All baths with decoctions of herbs, prepared according to the same principle: the necessary herbs in right proportions pour one liter of boiling water and stand for about 30 minutes.

    Then this decoction is added to a foot bath.

    Herbs and their combination that help to treat and cure varicose veins:

    • cudweed;
    • nettle, burdock, birch leaves;
    • chamomile, lemon balm, nettle and oregano;
    • Varices opportune debet Tractare
    • to calm painful places: Valerian root, mint, thyme;
    • improving blood circulation will help flax seeds.
    Treatment of varicose veins at home will be more effective if treatment of complex diseases, to a warm bath, you can add a contrast sling.

    Medical gymnastics at varicose veins

    To cure varicose veins at home can help some gymnastics with a special set of exercises. Simple exercises can restore proper circulation. Your charge should include such exercises:

    • exercise birch lying on the floor is necessary to lift the leg as high up as possible, at the same time put back on the blades;
    • smooth lifting on tiptoes and abruptly return to its original position with the heels strike the floor;
    • slow floor sit-UPS with the delivery of the feet shoulder-width apart when performing squats, for varicose veins, you should not squat below parallel;
    • holding on to something, you need to sit down with a broad statement of the feet in the toes, the heels need to stay in this position and return to the source;
    • sitting on the floor extend your legs in front of him, hands need to take focus on the floor, one leg bent at the knee joint, and the second left straight, slowly lift up and down.

    To treat varicose veins should be timely. The sooner you start, the better will be the result. Proper diet, herbal teas, rubbing, compresses, herbal baths and the complex of exercises will help to cure the disease, and reduce symptoms at the initial stage. In a more severe form need advice and supervision of a doctor-phlebologist.