Find out the varicose veins of the legs to run? How to do it?

In the confirmation phase of the disease, patients ask the question: can I run with varicose veins on the legs? Still, it's a significant load on the lower limbs.

Doctors of the Baltic veins clinic claim that running is the best therapy against varicose veins.

No marathon distances. Pace is advised to take slow or moderate (Jogging), it is well to calculate the load.

It is often necessary to check the pulse and make sure that it does not exceed 120 beats. Breath control and endurance required.

HELP! Jogging is best to do outdoors. So you provide the body with oxygen that improves blood circulation, thus destroying the gap and increasing the elasticity of veins and joints in the lower extremities.

To run or lie down?

How do you think phlebologists, in the initial stages the running with varicose veins of the legs slows the progression of the disease. The first symptoms is not difficult to define, this is the moment when the skin of the lower leg appear drawings in the form of stars and bruises.

in cruribus varices currere You should pay attention to the following tips:
  • wear shoes exclusively on low heel;
  • to replace a passive pastime to a dynamic;
  • to establish a balanced diet.

But should not be regarded Jogging for varicose veins as the treatment of the disease at any stage. If the veins are expanded, more valid, then Jogging should be abandoned. At this stage we are talking about a blood clot phlebitis.

Load the lower limb, there is a risk to tear off the clot or clogged arteries. Any of these complications threatens death.

Must hold a medication or in the worst case, to agree to surgery. Getting rid of signs of thrombophlebitis can be taken for an easy run.


Before you start Jogging with varicose veins should pay attention to the shoes. Fit medical compression stockings. From the rest of sports shoes they are distinguished by the nonuniform pressure distribution.

Due to this structure, provided by the maximum pressure of the foot and gradually decrease to his knees. That is, to support the veins are experiencing high pressure.

Compression stockings will protect the wrists from accidental injury and overloads. His choice should be approached carefully. Knitwear produced artisanal unlikely to have a positive effect or, worse, hurt.

You should choose only certified products, which produce well-known companies. Typically, this knitwear is sold in a specialty store.

The benefits of running exercises.

The positive effect of the run to obtain to the following guidelines:

  • easy pace Jogging get rid of the appearance of stagnation in the veins;
  • long running and long distance is not desirable because of the threat of possible deep vein thrombosis;
  • finish your workout with relaxation of the muscles of the legs (lie on your back and raise your legs high above your head, do the exercise birch).
Ars cursus exercitia

To achieve maximum effect, it is better to combine running with other exercises. At varicose expansion especially useful for high kicks and stretching.

ATTENTION! It is important to remember that weight lifting is strictly not recommended at varicose expansion. Strength training in the gym is ruled out. The ban also apply to those sports where loaded legs, for example: martial arts or aerobics.

Technique running exercises.

optimum justo cursus est adversus varices

The important point running when venous disease is the correct technique. If running "sock" creates the wrong pressure, then starting the "heel" can be contrary to reduce the appearance of varicose.

Due to the fact that stepping on the heel creates a full range of motion of the gastrocnemius muscle that resembles the effect of the pump.

Starting with a sock, can't achieve full amplitude, and position reminiscent of a walk in heels that are contraindicated at varicose expansion.

Contraindications run

The situation with the counter shown Jogging exercises, though rare, but it happens. This occurs when the diagnosis of disorders in the deep veins, namely, the valve apparatus.

The reason for this complications associated with infections such as hepatitis or intravenous drug use, and injuries of the hips. In such cases, it may be reasonable to listen carefully to the attending physician.



To prevent the rejection of tight shoes that restrict calf raises, will do you only good. If most of the day you spend at the computer in the office, then a lower bench under the table to reduce pressure on the feet.

As you can see running and varicose veins are not mutually excludable concepts. Adhering to these instructions, you will not only get rid of varicose but will feel refreshed and healthy.