Is it possible to cure varicose veins at the initial stage

The difficulty is in the recognition of an insidious disease at the first stage, when obvious signs of vascular disorders is not observed. Easy subcutaneous cyanosis we take for bruising, leg pain tiredness. How not to miss the beginning of the disease and whether treatment of varicose veins at the initial stage?

Signs of early stages of the disease

Varicose veins are not dependent on gender or age. It overtakes and twenty years a student, and quite a grown man, which exceeded 50. It is important not to miss the first "call" signals the body that reports the violation of blood flow or changes in blood vessels, yet hardly noticeable.

Concern for own health cause the following symptoms:

  • appearing towards evening the swelling disappears by morning;
  • aching pain in feet after sitting too long in one position or a long walk;
  • an uncomfortable feeling in the calf, resembling a burning sensation;
  • regular night cramps in the legs, often repeated during the day.
Cogitare saluto phlebologist

The initial stage of varicose veins accompanied by symptoms that resemble the symptoms of similar diseases, so do not own to take some serious action, you better pass the medical examination and confirm the diagnosis.

Sometimes early visible markers – small nodules veins, the hill protruding under the skin, or a kind of stars of the small vessels, which appeared on the thighs, calves and at the ankle. To get rid of the stars you can use sclerotherapy or ozone therapy, but such methods the disease is not cured – this will require a comprehensive approach and charge of the patient.

As the game progresses, varicose veins will become more noticeable, and this will have an impact on the health and appearance of aesthetic flaws – a big blue protruding veins and a huge subcutaneous nodes that do not hide the usual nylon tights or stockings.

How to stop the development of varicose veins

Positive results in the treatment of disease achieve only at an early stage, when the process of destruction of blood vessels can "slow down". At the first consultation phlebologist, you will receive an evaluation of the overall condition of the body. If the degree of impaired blood flow is small and there is no associated complications, the doctor will choose the ways in which you will be able to be treated yourself. Perhaps, in the treatment of varicose veins a beginner will need to make changes to their way of life – pay close attention to nutrition, physical training, extra care and taking medications to improve vascular tone.

Vix conspicitur aranea venas

The secrets of good nutrition

Strict, specially-chosen diet does not exist, so you can build a daily menu according to your wishes, but subject to certain conditions.

  • Reduce the caloric content of all dishes. "Bad" fats, excess simple carbohydrates and sweet foods lead to obesity, and this is the first "friend" of varicose veins. The load on organs and vessels is increased, besides sugar and excess fat are not involved in the improvement of the structure of the affected veins.
  • Include in the diet products that strengthen the walls of blood vessels, containing rutin, vitamins C and E, nicotinic acid. Of course, should be daily to prepare salads from fresh vegetables, dressed not with mayonnaise, and olive oil. Vegetables can be steamed, cooked, baked -- the more fiber, minerals and vitamins, the better. On your table you should see the seafood. Berries, seasonal fruit.
  • Ensure the saturation of the body with water, at the same time trying to get rid of edema. It is possible if the decrease in ready meals the salt content. In addition to water you may drink any soft drinks without sugar – fruit and vegetable juices, berry juice, herbal teas.
  • To improve blood flow, be sure to use products that lower the blood viscosity. Traditional usually recommend natural sugar substitutes dried apricots, raisins, prunes. Don't avoid spices: turmeric, thyme, ginger will do the usual taste of vegetable salads more intense and original.

Adjusting daily diet, eliminate useless and harmful products a sweet confection, carbonated drinks, alcohol, smoked meats, canned foods, coffee. They contain low vitamins, but perfectly promote the excretion of calcium, makes blood vessels fragile, and the blood more viscous.

Nova Sem legumina utile, et ne curatio varices


Movement and exercise is recommended for prevention of the disease and to treat varicose veins in the early stages. Be careful that blood does not stagnate in the veins, and active circulation. Here are some simple exercises for daily use:

  • lightweight Jogging;
  • swimming in a pool or in open water;
  • Cycling and Hiking;
  • the UPS and down stairs;
  • gymnastic and dance exercises, shaping.

From lifting weights and the use of special weighting during aerobics should be abandoned. At the time you need to forget about martial arts and extreme sports, as overloading the muscles and blood vessels leads to the development of the disease. If you after class, you feel heaviness in the legs or, on the contrary, unpleasant weakness with the sport better to wait.

Aqua aerobics est a valde via ut adducam ad venis tone

What does the medicine

If phlebologist find you have the first signs of the disease, it will recommend a comprehensive treatment from a beginning of varicose veins. In addition to diet and light physical activity he will prescribe medicines to improve the tone of blood vessels and improve circulatory system:

  • heparin ointment, which is effective just at an early stage – removes puffiness, destroys blood clots, and restores blood circulation;
  • pain ointment;
  • anti-varicose creams;
  • toning the skin.

Tablets for oral administration is usually prescribed in more severe cases, at the initial stage corticosteroids, analgesics and phlebotonics along with relief of the disease can "give" a negative side effect. However, there is a method of treatment that suits everyone is wearing the pull-up compression underwear.

Folk remedies

The pain symptoms and discomfort in the legs removable-tested tools that you can use at home. Here are some of them:

  • Night garlic compresses with the addition of butter. Stimulate blood circulation while nourishing the skin.
  • The infusion of chestnut. Inflorescences pour alcohol or vodka, insist 2 weeks, strain and take small portions (1 teaspoon) before meals.
  • Ante usus crepito aut unguenta ex varices consulere artifex
  • Ointment Kalanchoe. The leaves of the plant pour alcohol, stand for a couple of weeks, not forgetting to stir regularly. The resulting mass is rubbed swelling and red spots.

Before cooking means don't forget to check if you have allergies to them.

Treatment of varicose veins even in the initial phase of development does not always give positive results therefore it is better to prevent the disease, using preventive measures. They are similar to the listed methods of treatment of varicose veins at an early stage, but to comply with their need, even if you believe in your absolute health. Choosing a balanced diet and engaging in sports, you will maintain the good condition of the circulatory system and know what a nasty disease, like varicose veins.