How to treat varicose veins. Laser treatment of varicose veins

In most cases, this disease affects women it. Despite this medicine known cases where varicose veins were found in men. The cause of the disease are several factors. It can be a pregnancy during which the female body performs double-duty, and on foot there is a strong load due to the increase in body mass. Also varicose veins can be hereditary. If your mother, grandmother or aunt is suffering from this disease, you need to carefully monitor the health of veins, as there is a high probability of occurrence of this pathology.

The treatment of varicose veins

It should be noted that this disease affects only the lower limbs. Of course, looking at the hands of the person can also see some veins that bulge through the skin, but the varicose veins is irrelevant.

If you have discovered this disease it is necessary as soon as possible to begin treatment. Otherwise, the disease will strike a new vein segments and will eventually get much running stage. Depending on how much is involved in the process vessels and veins, selects individual treatment method. To answer the main question: "How to treat varicose veins?"

Curatio cum varices laser

Conservative ways

In the early stages of the disease conservative method is chosen. The patient is administered medications that thin the blood and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. A woman ceases to complain of pain and heaviness in the lower extremities.

The method of sclerotherapy

Another way of correction called sclerotherapy veins. The patient is injected into a vein a special drug that expels from the blood vessel and subsequently adheres on its wall. This method is effective only in the initial stages for small saphenous veins and blood vessels.

Surgical method

Method phlebectomy is quite outdated, however, they are most public hospitals. During the procedure the patient make a few incisions in the leg through which the vein get. After such manipulation a woman has quite a long time to recover and to wear compression underwear.

Treatment of varicose veins laser

This method of correction is one of the newest. For the procedure there is no need of hospitalization. Treatment of varicose veins by laser can be done in two ways:

  • Processing vessel through the skin.
  • Subcutaneous treatment.

Depending on how damaged the lower limb varicose veins, selects one or the other method.

The procedure through the skin

Treatment of varicose veins by laser in this case is carried out without any anaesthetics. The procedure is painless and lasts no more than twenty minutes. After that, the woman can return to business as usual.

During the procedure, the patient is on a hard couch. The doctor notes that need processing, and proceeds to manipulation. A special machine sends magnetic waves into the vessel. Under the action of such rays there is a heating content of the vein. Because of this, there is a displacement of the blood cells from the enlarged receptacle, which is subsequently glued.

Subcutaneous treatment of varicose veins

curatio cum venas laser

If a person identified more advanced stage, then choose the subcutaneous treatment of varicose veins of the legs laser. In this case, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia of the treated area. Manipulation lasts up to one hour.

Varicose veins, laser treatment which has been carried out, disappears completely after about a few months. During the procedure, the doctor makes a small incision extended veins and brings in a special little chip. After that, the doctor gently leads the laser in the course of the affected vessel. At the same time the beam is moving the chip that is under the skin. Thanks to all this internal layer of the vein "removed", and it improves blood flow. After such a manipulation after a while you can say that Vienna began to disappear and with it went varicose veins.

Laser treatment of this disease is quite new and not widespread in public hospitals. Despite this, private hospitals have long used this method. After carrying out such manipulations should carefully consider the health of their blood vessels and veins. It is recommended to take a course of prescribed medicines and visit the doctor.

Treatment of varicose veins laser reviews

It is worth saying that if you want to achieve the maximum beneficial effect from the procedure, after manipulations it is necessary to observe all recommendations of the doctor.

Treatment of varicose veins laser feedback is only positive. However the patient noted that after the procedure they had a few months to wear compression stockings and to take medication to strengthen the walls of blood vessels. A definite plus is that after the manipulation is not stitches and scars. If women had to make a small incision to enter the chip, as do the ladies, it was carried out in an inconspicuous area. After healing it completely disappeared. After the procedure the patient noted the lightness in the legs. They have reduced formal the cramps and the pain is gone. Also gone itching and burning.

One drawback, which is the treatment of varicose veins laser price. Since most clinics that offer this method of correction, are not civil, you will have to pay for such treatment. Depending on the region in which you reside and what stage of varicose veins, laser treatment cost will be different. The average price of this correction is in the range from 1000 to 5000 dollars. I must say that laser treatment separate small vessels and sprockets will cost you much cheaper than correction of the deep saphenous veins.

Preparation for the procedure

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Before you will be treatment of veins with laser, it is necessary to consider all the pros and cons of this manipulation. Before the procedure you will have a number of studies. Will also be made by ultrasound, which will help to identify not only varicose veins, protruding through the skin, but also to assess the state of deep subcutaneous vessels.

Some companies guarantee you effect for a certain period of time. That is, if you come again, varicose veins, re-treatment will be conducted absolutely free for you.


Every person should know about what varicose veins. Laser treatment would be ideal, if you value your time and you don't want to spend a few days in a medical facility. In order to avoid surgery, having a treatment in the early stages of disease. Check the condition of your feet and blood vessels. Regularly visit phlebologist. Be healthy!